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STEM Girls

дівчатаSTEM-01STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields are the vital area of national interest and concern in Ukraine. STEM occupations are among the highest paying, fastest growing, and most influential in driving economic growth and innovation. Individuals employed in STEM fields enjoy low unemployment, prosperity, and career flexibility and societal economic success. 80% of the jobs that are currently rapidly developing require fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science.

At the same time, there is a huge disproportion in STEM representation of men and women. 77% men works in this area and only 23% – women. Among 100 female bachelors only 12 graduate from Universities with STEM as a major, but only 3 of them pursue their career in STEM. Overall, there are many leaks in the pipeline; from stereotypes encountered by girls to the family-caring responsibilities and bias women may face when choosing a career.

Besides, women still lack confidence and leadership in their life, which also explains the lower figures in STEM. But all these behavioural patterns stems from the childhood. According to the latest survey (CIPR, 2016) girls in Ukraine aged 13-19 do not have any role models except actress and journalists. The survey results also demonstrate that Ukrainian girls need role models – women who are successful in STEM, trustworthy and can share their personal stories and provide recommendations for girls.

That’s why STEM Girls and TOP 20 Inspiring Women in STEM was created. The initiative intended to create role models for girls in STEM-career, to draw attention to women who have achieved success and made a significant contribution to the development of technologies in Ukraine, to create a platform for communication between successful women and a generation of young girls.


  • Created communities of Inspiring Women in STEM
  • Meetings in 4 cities of Ukraine (Odessa, Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv)
  • 520 participants of meetings
  • 85 participants of creative works contest «Why do I choose career in STEM?»

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