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Date: February 12, 15.00 – 16.30

Location: KSE, 1, Ivan Mazepa Street, 1


On February 12 at 15.00 CSR Center invites representatives of Universities, businesses, media, international organizations and NGOs to attend presentation of the University Course “Corporate social responsibility in the times of conflict: ethical dilemmas for business.”

Unfortunately, last year Ukraine joined the list of countries where armed conflicts take place. In 2014 the total number of armed conflicts and wars was 11, compared with four in 2010. The Bloomberg’s report “Pessimistic guide to the world in 2015” forecasts at least 16 countries and regions with probabilities of armed conflicts this year.

Conflicts affect people, regions and countries, including country and business development. The latter has to work under the new environment with new challenges which should be known and prepared for. There are up to 20 ethical or business challenges of such kind.

CSR Center believes that business will be able to identify such challenges and meet them, provided: a) it is aware of the challenges; b) it knows practices of other companies; c) it mainstreams important CSR policies in its operations. Consequently, it is necessary to include the course “CSR in the times of conflict: ethical dilemmas for business” in the academic curriculum and business agenda.

Presentation speakers:

•Ms. Marina Saprykina, Managing director for CSR Centre;

•Mr. Vasil Hubarets, a Head of External and Community Relations for JTI Ukraine;

•Mr. Illya Strelnikov, a coordinator of the “Humanitarian Mail Ukraine” (Novaya Poschta);

•Mr. Danyla Lavrenov, Head of Public Relations Department, NNEGC “Energoatom“;

•Ms. Olga Yankovska, an educational coordinator for CSR Centre.

The event will take place in Kyiv School of Economics, 1, Ivan Mazepa Street, 15.00-16.30

Please, send your contacts (name, surname, position, organization and contact details) for registration at ld@csr-ua.info

Deadline for registration is 12.00 on February, 11.