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Головна / Члени центру / SBERBANK OF RUSSIA


JSC «SBERBANK OF RUSSIA» is a universal commercial bank that provides a full range of banking services to all categories of customers. According to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine the JSC «SBERBANK OF RUSSIA» is considered to be one of the largest banks in the country and takes No 10 position in terms of assets.

JSC «SBERBANK OF RUSSIA» traditionally holds the leading positions among Ukrainian banks in terms of trust and confidence as considered both by its clients, partners and independent Ukrainian and international experts. The Bank is rated by Moody’s international rating agency.

Being deeply integrated into Ukraine’s economy and society JSC «SBERBANK OF RUSSIA» is not limited to business activity or job creation only. Charitable aid, support of various cultural and sports projects is a good opportunity for the Bank to contribute to improving the quality of life of Ukrainians.